Irish Stories
Brad Temkin, Brendan Kennelly, and Colin Westerbeck

In this collection of over eighty photographs magnificently printed with absolute fidelity to the original prints, Temkin masterfully captures the essence of Irish life without sentimentality, and without cliché. This is a candid and revealing portrait of a people and a way of life that tenaciously clings to a quality of character that will not die. Many years and much work are revealed in this gem of a book, probing deep beneath the surface in its search for the soul of Ireland . In an introduction, the renowned Irish poet Brendan Kennelly writes eloquently about Ireland and about the splendid portrayal Temkin has created. Joining him in a spirited commentary on Temkin's work is Colin Westerbeck of the Art Institute of Chicago. Published to accompany a series of gallery exhibitions, Irish Stories will find its audience among the millions around the world who, in their hearts, call Ireland home.