Indian Culinary Journey

Leena Prakash

There are many Indian cook books that feature recipes from the vast culinary repertoire of the Indian subcontinent, but this is the only one which comprehensively presents the healthy wholesome food of homestyle Indian cuisine. The recipes use a reduced amount of fat (as is the case in homestyle cooking) to suit the health conscious. Homestyle cooking preserves the tastes of the fabulous medley of ingredients while keeping meals exceptionally light and brimming with flavor.

Indian Culinary Journey is great for both experts and those who are new to the world of Indian cuisine. It covers all aspects of an Indian kitchen, utensils, spices, menus, techniques, and tips, as well as a brief history of the regional culture. All the recipes in this book have ben handed down over four generations to author, Leena Prakash.

Leena cooked her first meal at the age of ten and almost set the house on fire. It was then that her grandmother decided to teach Leena her magic in the kitchen. Most of these recipes originate from this apprenticeship. Grandma's recipes of homestyle food, of the celebrations and festivals, come alive in this outstanding presentation of recipes. They are presented in a simple, no fuss, easy to follow step-by-step method to ensure the fabulous taste of Indian homestyle cooking infuses into your fare.