Lost Worlds

Arthur Drooker

Lost Worlds: Ruins of the Americas will be a unique volume of infrared images that capture the haunting mystery and visual poetry of historic ruins throughout the Americas, including South and Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

This eclectic and representative survey will highlight the architectural, geographical, and historical significance of ruins that are considered world wonders, little known gems, and outright surprises. They include the monumental temples of Mexico’s Mayan civilization, a Colonial era palace on the island of Haiti, earthquake-ravaged cathedrals in Guatemala, and astonishing Incan citadels in Peru’s Sacred Valley - culminating with the iconic Machu Picchu.

Lost Worlds: Ruins of the Americas will include approximately 125 luminous photographs. Shot in infrared format on a specially adapted digital camera, these images expose crumbling, overgrown walls, broken columns, and cracked arches in ways most readers will have never seen.  They will offer readers a new way of viewing the landscape as well as an enhanced vision and understanding of the collective identity of the Americas, past and present.

This book will also feature a foreword by the noted author, Pico Iyer, an introduction by photographer Arthur Drooker, and a principal essay by Paul Martineau, the assistant curator of photography at the Getty Center.  An accompanying text will explain each site’s rise, fall, and lasting significance.

Lost Worlds: Ruins of the Americas will also accompany a projected traveling exhibition.  Furthermore, this book will serve as a model for future volumes on ruins in other regions of the world.