The Biker Code
Stuart Miller and Geoffrey Moss

For the last two years, Stu Miller and Geoff Moss have been crisscrossing America interviewing bikers and photographing them. Their intent was not to create another pretty "history of the motorcycle," but to find out about the actual ride and rituals of the ride from seasoned bikers. Attending rallies from Sturgis to Torrington, chance road meetings and roadhouse meetings, hanging around welding shops and dealerships, Miller and Moss document the most important parts of the ride; the commandments and personal survival rituals, the fierce tribal loyalty to one another among the brotherhood and sisterhood in a private world of bikers, and a passion for the rush of freedom the ride brings. Ninety-six pages with over 50 profiles from bikers across the nation, The Biker Code is bound in a leather-like cover. The interviews and photographs are accompanied by more than ten commandments; rules to ride by, punctuated by road sign icons.