Michael Calderwood and Enrique Martinez Limon

"Tequila? Give me a break! Since when has tequila been a beverage for people like me? Everyone knows that tequila is low brow, fine for poor peons, longshoremen, wrestlers, eclectic writers, painters who charge by the square meter and low-life lawyers." --- from the introduction to TEQUILA: The Spirit of MEXICO Well, something went right! Today, tequila is one of the fastest-growing beverages in the world, and the growth is clearly upscale. As a result, an entire tequila culture has developed, in Mexico as well as in the smartest restaurants in New York, the studios of Hollywood and the favorite bars of the brokers of London, Frankfurt and Tokyo. Despite this trend, little has been p┬Ęblished about this fine drink, its origins, production processes and varieties, or even what it is as opposed to what it is not. This delightfully visual book addresses all these issues, offering the reader an informative and anecdotal journey through the history of tequila as well as providing lively descriptions of tequila's legends, heroes, songs and artistic manifestations. Michael Calderwood's beautiful photography and the specially commissioned artwork, combined with a light-hearted text, guarantee the reader's interest and attention throughout. The final chapters include authentic new recipes for using tequila in the kitchen and mixing tequila-based cocktails, plus professional ratings of more than one-hundred brands.