Reconstructing Aphrodite
Terry Lorant and Dr. Loren Eskenazi

In her moving and inspiring photographs, Terry Lorant has captured the spirit of beauty and wholeness even after the removal of one or both breasts for breast cancer. The women portrayed in this book are much more than breast cancer survivors. They are a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. They are an example of beauty, inner and outer, triumphing in the face of adversity. Reconstructing Aphrodite is a deeply moving and life-affirming testament clearly and frankly portraying what may be achieved through surgical artistry, and the courage of the women whose stories are told in this unique and beautiful book. The book also contains information about breast reconstruction, and resources to guide you, your mother, daughter, sister, wife, or friend through the maze of medical decisions that must be made if your life has been touched by breast cancer. The women portrayed in Reconstructing Aphrodite have offered their most intimate stories as a gift so that no woman will ever have to face this illness alone.