Pure Genius
Neil A. Chassman

What happens when two highly intellectual minds strike up a sustained forty-three-year-long friendship, begun in 1959, and center it around art, thought, and food? One is an art historian and art theorist: the other his professor of philosophy and psychology, a ”Renaissance man” and an extraordinary artist. The result is Pure Genius: The Art and Mind of Peter Schwarzburg. This book, the first monograph on the art of Peter Schwarzburg, includes a selection of thirty-two of his works, spanning an artistic life of some sixty years. Set in the backdrop of New York and its famous art museums and galleries, restaurants and cafes, and Central Park; the alluring Lake George region of New York state; the breathtaking landscapes of Montauk and City Island; and the memorable mountains and meadows of Virginia’s Blue Ridge—one cannot read this book without becoming thoroughly engaged by the fascinating mind and intellect of a “pure genius,” within the milieu of a great creative friendship.