The Garden at Night
Linda Rutenberg

Flowers, plants, and the gardens in which they flourish are almost always seen by the day light. But as photographer Linda Rutenberg shows us, when shrouded in darkness, they are dramatic and unusually beautiful. These images, taken in twenty of North America's premier public gardens, reveal an astonishing beauty hidden in plain sight. Rutenberg unveils a luminous, unseen world of plants, color, shadow, and light; the garden at night. Each garden features unique regional flora -- from the cacti and the agave of the arid Desert Botanical Garden to the verdant conifers of the fog-laden San Francisco Botanical Garden to the exotic vegetation of the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden in Florida. A solitary bird-of-paradise sticks its beak out into the darkness. A fat-trunked palm tree stands sentinel in the moonlight. A perfect rose blooms at midnight. Leaves and flowers seem to glow in the blackness of the nocturnal world, and the privacy of night affords these portraits an intimate quality. An essay by acclaimed, award-winning author Christopher Dewdney elucidates the larger meanings of the garden at night. And excerpts of the works by poest from the romantic period -- the original testaments of the emotional power of nature -- accompany Linda Rutenberg's evocative images. An innovative work of haunting beauty, The Garden at Night illuminates a wold of hidden grandeur.