The Art of Lake Champlain

Deborah Kehoe
Poems by Daniel Lusk

In response to a region-wide search and call for entries, The Art of Lake Champlain will present the lake and its environs through the work of fifty visual artists, and includes more than sixty original and stirring works that offer diverse responses to the lake as a creative inspiration and muse. The very strong response, and the work that was submitted, vividly demonstrates that Lake Champlain continues to provide inspiration for artists throughout Vermont, Northern New York, New England, and Quebec. One entry came from as far away as California, submitted by a former Vermonter who, long after leaving Vermont, continues to be inspired by the magnificence of our region.

This richly illustrated book will be a clarion call for an appreciation of the singular importance of Lake Champlain as the defining element of our Northern landscape, and a plea for its preservation and the lands that surround it

To further illuminate and understand the powerful allure of the lake as source of inspiration, poet Daniel Lusk will provide several original and evocative poems that speak to the primordial beauty, mystery and haunting melodies of the lake.

This special edition of The Art of Lake Champlain will be produced in a luxury hard cover edition, printed with every effort made to replicate the beauty, subtlety, and richness of color in the many and varied works of original art that are included.

The Art of Lake Champlain will be widely distributed throughout the region, and will be available in bookstores, gift shops, specialty stores, and seasonal recreational enterprises, visited by tourists and local residents alike. This book is certain to be a perennial favorite throughout the local region and beyond – an enduring and wonderful memento of the enthralling majesty of Lake Champlain.